In our effort to secure the efficient implementation of quality in the company, OOMMAA has made the following policy decisions: all activities performed during construction and execution of projects shall be in accordance with contract document requirements and the governing national and international codes and regulations as well as to the company’s quality manual. The Quality Assurance Program shall be applicable to all projects and shall be adopted for specific needs of the project as per contract documents. During contract execution and guarantee maintenance period, all our concerned staff are ready to provide all required help, guidance, advice, and services to our customers as per the contract requirements. Our goal is to provide and maintain our supplied product and services in the required quality. Our customer service is always available to ensure that any complaints will be dealt with.




ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE. Health, safety, and environmental protection form an integral part of the business objectives. Managing health, safety, and environmental protection is a line responsibility. OOMMAA will strive to implement this policy through company strategies, action plans, motivation and through the participation of all its members and others associated with it duly supported by proper education and training.