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In recent years, Bulgaria has become an important destination for citizens in neighboring countries interested in relocation. However, these are not the only persons deciding on immigration to Bulgaria, but also non-EU citizens who want to obtain access to EU residency.

People who want to migrate to Bulgaria will enjoy a flexible taxation system with very competitive rates compared to other European countries, as well as great employment and business possibilities. In other words, the small South-eastern European country has become a great destination for most foreign citizens interested in exploring new opportunities.

How to migrate to Bulgaria as a non-EU citizen?

If you are a non-EU citizen and want to move to Bulgaria, you can apply directly from your home country OR Resident country for one of the following types of residence permits:

a temporary residence visa;

a work visa;

an investor visa; The EU Blue Card is also available for non-EU citizens.

  1. Bulgaria Long-Stay Visa (Visa D) is for those foreign nationals who want to stay in Bulgaria long-term or permanently, such as for work, or study.

    It is usually issued for a duration of up to one year, and you have to obtain a residence permit upon your arrival to the country of Bulgaria. It allows the holder multiple entries into the country.

    You may also submit proof you’ve pre-paid accommodation or that someone in Bulgaria will undertake the cost of sustaining you there, such as a person or company/institution.

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