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Malta is one of the most stable and respected members of the European Union. Its history dates back over 7,500 years and it is known for having a very well-educated and highly cultured society. Malta is politically stable with strong institutions and a democratically elected government.

It is also a good place to live and work, with highly developed financial, tourism, and industrial sectors. The climate of the country is pleasant and its geography ensures easy access to other European countries and the rest of the world.


The benefits of Maltese citizenship include:

  1. Visa-free travel to over 160 countries worldwide
  2. The right to work and live in all EU countries
  3. Being allowed to maintain more than one passport
  4. A stable political system that provides personal security
  5. Better education and a good quality of life for your children.


The main applicant must be at least eighteen and provide proof that they have been living in Malta for the preceding twelve months following the issuance of a certificate of naturalization. In addition, you are required to meet the following investment requirements:

  1. Purchase of real estate worth a minimum €350,000 which must be held for a least five years OR
  2. Lease a residential property for at least five years which must have a minimum annual rent of €16,000.

OGS – a leading immigration consultant for Malta in Dubai specializes in helping skilled professionals and eligible applicants secure a  visa through the Maltese consulate so that they can find a suitable job in the country and enjoy a better or desired lifestyle by becoming a permanent resident. Our certified and dedicated  Maltese immigration consultants in Dubai offer a cost-effective, streamlined, and prompt service so that you can move to your dream country most expediently and easily.OGS will help you thoroughly understand the requirements and procedures so that you can advance your immigration plans from Dubai without any hassle. As a trusted immigration consultancy in Dubai for  Maltese skilled professionals, we have a dedicated office in Dubai to assist and guide people who are planning their  Maltese immigration from Dubai. So, if you truly want to get a stress-free, smooth, and expedient experience throughout the immigration process, then get connected with the expert team at OGS right away.

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