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Whether you’re flying to Russia from Dubai or UAE for leisure or work-related purposes, the first thing you’ll need is a valid Russia visa. This procedure is a must for all citizens who are not eligible for any kind of visa exemption or visa-free visit/transit. Are you looking to make your trip to Russia as easy and stress-free as possible? OGS will help you with your entire travel requirements including visa procedures. Our dedicated visa team has sound experience in efficiently taking care of international visa requirements of all nationalities residing in the UAE. 

Russian Visa Types

Depending on one’s purpose for traveling to Russia, there are several Russian visa types. Each of them has its own requirements, application process, and specifications.

The Russian visa types are as follows:

Russia Service visa. 

This is a visa issued to a foreign citizen having a service (consular, official, special) passport. I.e. members of official delegations, administrative and technical and service personnel of diplomatic missions, etc.

Russian Private Visa. This visa is issued to persons traveling to Russia for a short visit on the basis of an invitation letter.

Russian Business Visa. This visa is issued to people traveling to Russia for business.

Russian Tourist Visa. This visa is issued to travelers if holding an invitation letter by a Russian tour operator.

Russian Student visa. This visa is issued to those traveling to Russia for study purposes.

Work Visa. This visa is granted to foreigners wishing to travel to Russia for employment for a specific period.

Russian Humanitarian Visa. This visa is granted to foreign citizens visiting Russia for a scientific, cultural, political or a sports visit. Also for religious communication and contacts, pilgrimage, charity or delivery of humanitarian aid.

Russian Transit Visa. This visa is issued to those that need to transit through the territory of Russia in order to reach their destination country.

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