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UK Visit Visa or Visitor visa has different subtypes including tourism visa, family visit visa, business visit visa, and study visit visa. Heading to the UK to receive medical treatment is also possible with a Visit visa. Each subtype of Visit visa has its own documentation requirements.

During the consultation, we review your background, education, and experience to assess and strategize the immigration option most suitable for you.

UK visit visa can be issued for a period of 6 months with some exceptions when the applicant can stay in the country for one year. Moreover, a visit visa has certain rules that must be observed, such as it is forbidden to get married while staying in the UK with a tourist visa.

Our consultants at OGS are ready to assist you with your visa application procedure in order to avoid being baffled by the varied information with regard to the documentation related to applying for a visit visa requirement, in order to avoid being expelled from the country for violating visa rules. There are various types of visas available for visiting U.K. The type of visa that you may be able to get depends on a number of factors such as, the length of your stay, your passport, and the purpose of your visit.


OGS represents immigration and all its parameters in the most transparent and genuine of ways. We put in our best and a hundred percent efforts in our work for you and expect it to reflect in the results, which it does. Reasons as to why you should choose us are that we not only help our clients with their applications and attain their visas but also find a job before they land in their desired destinations

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